Terms & Conditions

  1. Translation services are subject to a call out charge depending on the location of the appointment. This charge will be made clear when you book the appointment. The charge for waiting / interpreting is then added on top, with an hourly rate applied from the time you arrive at the appointment.
  2. The minimum time payable for interpreting is 30 minutes.
  3. Medical appointments in Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazzarrón, Isla Plana & La Azohía only. General Health and Minor injuries covered, serious or terminal medical conditions require a specialist Medical Translator and are excluded from this service.
  4. It is your responsibility to bring along to any appointment all the required paperwork and documentation. If you fail to do so and the issue can´t be resolved, then you are still liable for the translation and call out charges..
  5. All fees and costings will be made clear at the start of the project.
  6. Where fees are payable to a 3rd party ( Architect, Assesor etc) these must be pre-paid.
  7. Registration fee for Tourist Board licenses and EPC certificates must be pre-paid.
  8. All Government body taxes for applications must be pre-paid
  9. Services subject to IVA at 21%.